Visit Moroccan Mountains

mountains of Morocco

The High Atlas, the Middle Atlas, the Anti Atlas, the Siroua and the Saghro,

Morocco’s geology has been described as “a cold country where the sun burns” according to Maréchal Lyautey. I prefer “endless days of summer”.

The Atlas Mountains, run through Morocco, extending over 2,500km northwest of Africa.

They separate the Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts from the Sahara Desert. A series of mountain ranges with amazing geology, mediterranean and subtropical climates and a diverse range of flora and fauna. Dot it with Berber villages and pierce it with canyons and ravines. Absolute awe inspiring.

We take you to discover the Toubkal summit peaking at 4167m, and right in the heart of the national park which bears his name. Or the Valley of Bouguemez, known as the Happy Valley, which has only been open a few years and is home to the M’Goun massif.

Then there is the Siroua massif, nestling between the High Atlas and the Anti-Atlas. It is a high and very vast volcano from which emerged dykes and black lava caps.

We must not forget to mention the Saghro, the Valley of Roses and many other beautiful oasis you will find off the beaten track.

All this makes Morocco, the country of trek par excellence. Eager to welcome you and share with you magical moments and privileged encounters.