Travel Ideas Chic and ethic

We are not just talking about Travel but Experience!

Where Intrigue meets Passion

We need to establish a new travel lifestyle aware of the ecological challenges of our planet.
Luxury – What does Luxury mean to you?
Our vision is to offer you elegance and radiance.
We will add the Unusual, the Original, the Beautiful and of course the Passion!
We will select for you original, unusual and beautiful accommodation, which respects the local people, local environment and sites and the local culture.
But that’s not all, our purpose is to establish long term relationships with the local community which will preserve their natural setting, the originality of their architecture and thoughtful use of local materials linking tradition to your comfort.
We want to ensure that the money stays and goes to the local communities.
And in order to go even further, Terres et Voyages agrees to pay € 20 per booking to one of three chosen associations working for local people in Morocco.
In between culture and tradition, luxury and authenticity, is the real art of living in Morocco.