Travel Ideas Family / friends

Whether you are friends, couples, have young children, have teenagers or are single - we have the best holiday ideas for you

Time just for you - that is what a holiday should be, right?

Think walks and gentle hikes for families who want to take advantage of the holiday bubble to have fun and relax together.
Exotic stays for girlfriends who want to have fun, get away from the “9 to 5” of work and the frantic tempo of everyday life.
Personal development journeys for those who want to reconnect with life and recharge.
Off the beaten track itineraries for boot camps, sport and fitness training, to push you to your limits in a safe and beautiful setting. All with professional trainers.
We offer a wide choice of trips:
– with visits to nature reserves and parks – try the Croco park
– national and unusual museums – try the perfume museum with its workshop
– film studios where you can jump back into history
– creative workshops for young and old – try pottery, pastry making, traditional Berber
carpet-weaving or Moroccan embroidery or calligraphy
But also fun activities for the park lovers. Try zip lining, camel riding, quad biking or mountain biking. Electric bikes are also available for a less energetic ride but where you can still keep up with the group…you still have to peddle and exercise!
Our favourite night outs range from “eating” on the square or a gourmet restaurant with authentic Moroccoan cuisine, to the trendy lounge bars to chill out in.
Come and see a sporting event. WTC World Championship takes place every year. How about a sacred music festival in Fes or the International Film Festival of Marrakech. The list is endless!
And if you are alone, why not look at our “headline trips” and meet new people with the same interest, a trip to Morocco!
IN SHORT, no more excuses. SAY yes to MOROCCO !