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Watch, Create, Share ... artists and craftspeople open their workshops and studios to you.

Let your creativity run free.

Despite its boasting attitude, Marrakech keeps its culture a secret. To understand it, it takes a little bit of time and intrigue.
Unravel one of its many mysterious and traditional ancestral crafts. Why not discover Marrakech’s modern art and design. See the art of old combined with the art of new.
See and feel the creativity in the heart of the Medina, in an artist’s workshop, a homestay or with an association. There are so many new and unique experiences.
Why don’t you start as an observer, become a student and end as an artist. All in one day, with complete serenity.
We can offer you many surprises. Tours exploring the life of artisans. Cooking lessons with the locals or with the top chefs. Or work side by side with craftspeople in workshops making pottery, brassware, jewellery and embroidery. Discover these amazing women and men who preserve these Moroccan traditions.
These are not to be missed essential moments enabling you to see Morocco in a different light!
May your curiosity and desire to discover, bring the support and mutual respect of the local population who offer you the treasures of their culture.