Visit Moroccan Deserts

Morocco a living desert

Arid, rocky, dry, dusty, red hot, freezing cold, oasis and sand dunes. The desert is a patchwork of landscapes.

Morocco, is a mountainous country that has its roots in the desert.

The south of the Atlas mountains stretch for more than 800 km. From the Atlantic to the Hamada du Guir, this immense region calls out to the Sahara. The desert settles here gently pressed against the mountains, but expanding way out to the southern reaches.

In Morocco, the desert is alive, as the green Drâa valley proves with olive groves and orchards. Between Zagora and M’Hamid to the Djebel Saghro, to reach the Sahara, you must cross large wadis (rivers) that flow into the river Ziz and the Draa river. A lot of the time these are both dry river beds subjected to impressive cascading floods.
The south of Morocco also offers a multitude of landscapes and terrains, rocky, sandy, green, arid and dry. A classic mosaic.

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