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Terres et voyages is an Incoming Tour Operator, based in Marrakech. Our objective is to assist you to discover the REAL Morocco. We offer you our service, our know-how, our environmental knowledge so that your trip runs smoothly.

Notre histoire

Since the creation of Terres et Voyages in 2005, our dynamic and experienced team has
demanded quality from partners and suppliers, to offer you the best services as per your

Abdelkader Maazi, a graduate in physics and mountain guide for more than 25
years, brings his flawless knowledge of the terrain. Monique Bracquemond Maazi, will bring
you her professionalism based on more than 30 years in worldwide receptive tourism.

Notre engagement responsable

Sustainable tourism and responsible tourism is day to day reality for us. Through our variety
of trips – hiking, horse riding camel treks, riad stays or Eco lodge stays, dance courses, yoga
and many others – our vocation is to develop a journey where you meet real people living real
lives. As a visitor you are able to bring economic development that we strive to redistribute
within the community as much as possible. In return you receive a real vision of a diverse
country and an understanding of the traditions and culture that gives Morocco its uniqueness.

Notre approche locale

We seek to develop economic activities related to tourism, enabling local people in the region
to work. Making local communities more independent and creating additional resources for
them. This creates new jobs with a stable income, using the local service of muleteers, camel
drivers, by offering accommodation in lodges, homestays or nomad tents. At Terres et
Voyages through this cooperation with local communities we aid in the reintegration of the
country, offer employment opportunities to young people, aid in waste recycling, and instill
respect for others.

Vous sensibiliser

We also wish to educate our clients and pass on awareness of our values and of our culture.
Of the environment and local traditions and participate in this development. So we distribute
to all our clients a “Small Practical Guide by Terres et Voyages”. The guide offers a small
collection of tips, accompanied by popular Moroccan quotes, to help you to discover good
practices, and give you the keys to unlocking opportunities to engage with the local people.

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At Terres et Voyages we want to be your architect for your trip to Morocco. We will
accompany you during all stages of your trip, with our professionalism, knowledge and care.
So, do not hesitate to contact us, we are here at your service!

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