Toubkal 8 day Trek

Trip overview

Description :

The Toubkal National Park was created in 1942 and has an outstanding biodiversity. See forests of juniper trees, oak trees and pine trees. See flora and wild nature native to the area. See beautiful valleys full of idyllic villages and beautiful canyons flowing with crystal clear waters. These are the waters that feed the vast fields full of crops. See the authentic local Berbers at home in these mountains. Discover their simple natural way of life. From this hiking tour you will discover the sheer splendour of these Moroccan high mountains, whose peaks are covered in snow from October to the beginning of April, but also with sunshine.

Best moments :

  • Day 1 - 3 hours from home
  • Day 2 – Warming up trek
  • Day 3 – Ancient trade foot trails
  • Day 4 and Day 5 - Traditional Adobe Villages
  • Day 6 and Day 7- Where Men and Nature live together in harmony

Journey path :

Marrakech, Maroc

P2005, Maroc

Imi Oughlad, Maroc

Tizi Oussem, Maroc

Tacheddirt, Maroc

Your itinerary

Day 1 - 3 hours from home

At the airport, you will be warmly welcomed by a member of Terres et Voyages team. Then transfer to your accommodation by private car transfer.

Day 2 – Warming up trek

After breakfast we transfer by private car to meet your trekking team. Today we have a gentle warm up day where you will hike to your gite for your evening meal and overnight accommodation. The walk will be between 4 to 5 hours.

Day 3 – Ancient trade foot trails

From Tizi to the Tizi pass. We will hike mainly along the old mule tracks that crisscross the Toubkal mountains. These were the main roads that allowed the Berber villagers of the Atlas valley to travel and to trade with each other .

Day 4 and Day 5 - Traditional Adobe Villages

We will have two days of hiking and exploring this amazing national park. During your hike, you will discover typical Berber villages. See their fine examples of pink coloured clay and stone architecture. Be prepared to be offered aromatic mint tea to drink. A custom that shows sincere kindness, hospitality and friendship. The Berber villagers will be interested in your life just as you are of theirs.

Day 6 and Day 7- Where Men and Nature live together in harmony

Throughout your trek around the Atlas Mountains, you see intense and vast agricultural farm work.See men and women working together in beautiful terraced fields tending crops. They still use traditional farming methods that have been handed down through the generations but are now helped by modern equipment. They work the land by the cycle of the seasons and of the moon.

Why travel with us ?

Based in Marrakech

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