The Green Morocco….Where water is a vital treasure.

Trip overview

Description :

Our journey begins in the lowlands of the Haouz. Located between the High Atlas and the small Jebilet mountain range in the north, the area covers 6,000 square kilometres. It continues towards the coast to reach the vast plain of Souss-Massa. Here citrus fruits and a variety of vegetables are cultivated, and half exported, mainly to France.

Best moments :

  • Immersion in the Moroccan agricultural world
  • Day on the Farm
  • La Plaine du Souss – the Moroccan granary

Journey path :

Unnamed Road, Maroc

Unnamed Road, Maroc

Oulad Teima, Maroc

Your itinerary

Immersion in the Moroccan agricultural world

During the first 3 days of this Slow Travel program, you will discover the essential role of agriculture in Morocco. More than half of the country’s population live in rural areas and are employed in land farming or livestock farming. The villages in the area all have either Berber or Arabic nomadic ancestors who established efficient farming techniques. They settled in the area near underground water wells, rivers, and land that could be cultivated. Irrigation systems were developed, dams known as wadis built and land was terraced to grow crops. These farming traditions are still used today and you will see crops of cereals, olive groves and orchards of apricots to name a few.

Day on the Farm

Spend the day on the farm. Choose from a selection of activities like:
– Sheep shearing in May, harvesting of okra from June to October, harvesting of crops, threshing of wheat in June, picking and pressing of olives in November.
– Discover local handicrafts and take part in woodcraft, basketmaking or carpet weaving workshops.
– Take a cooking class and learn to cook the local Mloukhiya dish.
– Take a hike in the Atlas mountains.
Or just enjoy the day relaxing getting to know the villagers and drinking mint tea.

La Plaine du Souss – the Moroccan granary

Today we will visit a larger, joint venture 400hectare farm. See its orange groves and large variety of vegetable crops grown.
Take the opportunity to visit a real banana plantation. This is an exclusive visit as the majority of banana greenhouses are private agricultural estates. Young and old will be amazed by the exotic tropical rainforest atmosphere that hits as you wander through the palms. Also available to visit is an animal park, organic garden and garden nursery.

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