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Morocco is the land of traditions, full of colour, spice and aroma. There are century old stories and folklore that still live today. Staying true to its culture Morocco offers all the advantages of the modern world as life whirls on never standing still. 8 days to discover the many layers of the Cherifian Kingdom.

Best moments :

  • London - Marrakech Direct!
  • Casablanca and the Great Mosque - Rabat and its 14 minarets.
  • Meknes, the Versailles of a great sultan
  • Volubilis and Moulay Driss - A step back in history!
  • Fez - The most Imperial of Imperial Cities
  • Between Middle and High Atlas: Traditional and Berber Morocco
  • In search of Maggots Monkeys.
  • Marrakech, its souks.... last chance for Moroccan shopping

Journey path :

Marrakech, Maroc

Rabat, Maroc

Meknès, Maroc

Volubilis, Meknès, Maroc

Fès, Maroc

Béni Mellal, Maroc

Cascade d'Ouzoud, Maroc

aéroport Marrakech - Ménara (RAK), Marrakech, Maroc

Your itinerary

London - Marrakech Direct!

Marrakech is a lively and endearing city. Full of colour and aroma. Of all the Makhzen ‘royal’cities, it is she who gives her name to the whole kingdom. Founded by the Almoravids, its influence spills out beyond the mountain barrier of the High Atlas and onto the Saharan borders. It is also the major Berber city of the country.

Casablanca and the Great Mosque - Rabat and its 14 minarets.

Today we will visit Casablanca and Rabat. Two modern business cities of Morocco where people come to make their fortune. Rabat, is the current capital of the Cherifian kingdom. It is an open and calm city with wide palm lined avenues and historical centre. See the great mosque, and the famous Hassan tower. Which was built on the orders of the ruler Yacoub el-Mansour around 1195. Take a walk in the Oudaias calm and fragrant garden.

Meknes, the Versailles of a great sultan

Travel to Meknes. It can be described as an open-air museum, where new and old live side by side. Its medina and the remains of the royal palace have earned it the status of a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.
The place El Hedim, Bab Mansour is the door giving access to the medina. A masterpiece of Spanish-Moorish art. Don’t miss to visit the stables and royal granaries of Sultan Moulay Ismail.

Volubilis and Moulay Driss - A step back in history!

Today we travel back to Roman times, to the ruined Roman city of Volubilis. See its marble Arc de Triomphe, the basilica and its famous mosaics, classified world heritage by UNESCO. Our journey continues to the holy city of Moulay Idriss. It is Morocco’s most important pilgrimage site, where pilgrims travel to see the tomb of Moulay Idriss, the founder of Morocco and Islam. It is a beautiful sparkling white city sitting between two lush green hills and protected by the mountains.

Fez - The most Imperial of Imperial Cities

Fez was founded by Moulay Idriss II around the year 800. It is the oldest of the four imperial cities. All your senses will be bombarded by this living historical city. Walk through the Bab Boujeloud, the monumental city gate to the old city. See the ancient Islamic school, Medersa Attarin and Bou Inania. Soak in the richness and elegance of the intricate architecture of the Marinids. Visit Nejjarine square with its water fountain and woodcraft museum. Visit the zaouïa of Moulay IdrissII which has the tomb of Idriss II. The wooden entrance is carved and painted. Peek through the half open door and see the curious collection of clocks in the prayer hall.
Lunch in the historic house, where the French agreement between Lyautey and the Sultan was signed!
After lunch, free time to walk in the souks full of spices and perfumes, teapots and pots.


Between Middle and High Atlas: Traditional and Berber Morocco

Journey to the Middle Atlas, and to Ifrane national park. Take a break at the Ifrane health resort built by the French in the early 1930s. It is in the style of an Alpine resort with its Cedar Forest. The locals call it the Little Switzerland of Morocco. We leave the Middle Atlas to discover the serene High Atlas mountains, where silence is golden.

In search of Maggots Monkeys.

Today we make our way back to the red city. We discover the Ouzoud Waterfalls. At about 110 m high, on three levels they cascade down a picturesque cliff to the river valley below. At the foot of the waterfalls we can take a walk among the cool olive groves. We continue our ascent passing Berber villages and water mills and orchards. See also the little monkeys who welcome and follow you on your journey.

Marrakech, its souks.... last chance for Moroccan shopping

Today, free time to enjoy your last moments in the Cherifian country. Shop in the souks for spices, perfumes and tea. Sit back in a cafe with a mint tea and watch life go by. Wander around Jemaa el Fna watching the snake charmers playing their flutes, the acrobats and the medicine men with potions.

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